Piddx Privacy Policy (Updated: Oct 10, 2014)


Our users are very important to us, and we believe that their privacy and personal information should be protected as closely as possible. Piddx Incorporated (Piddx, Inc.), hereafter referred to as "Piddx", "We", and/or "Us", and our services offered at, hereafter referred to as our "Service" and collectively as our "Services", are governed by this policy and by our Terms of Service contract found here: We have created this privacy policy to explain our practices with regard to privacy and your personal and/or sensitive information. By using this service you hereby agree that you have read and understand this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service contract found here:, and that you are giving Piddx permission to store your information consistent with this policy and with our Terms of Service agreement. A visitor and/or member of our Service is hereafter referred to as a "User".

Information Piddx receives

Piddx receives personal, user-submitted information. This information is provided through voluntary submission by users. Additionally, Piddx may receive and store anonymous and/or aggregate data, however, we do not link these data to information that is personally identifiable to you. Piddx may also collect and store your Internet Protocol Address ("IP Address") for analytical purposes and to better understand our user-base, as well as for legal and fraud prevention purposes.

Our use of personal information

Piddx generally uses personal information for the following purposes: to allow normal business operations; to provide Users with the services that they expect; to enforce our Terms Of Service and Privacy policies; advertising; to use in internal market research, troubleshooting problems, and detecting, and/or protecting against fraud and criminal activity; to analyze usage of our Services; and to contact Users with notices and relevant communications. At times we reserve the right to use user-submitted information such as profile picture, and/or professional and hobby information for advertising and/or promotional purposes on Piddx and other media platforms. If a user would prefer to not have their information displayed, or otherwise used for these purposes we ask them to contact Piddx at privacy(at) We will do our best to remedy any issue a user has regarding use of personal information.

Information retention

To ensure normal operations, we reserve the right to retain information provided by Users for an indefinite period of time. However, where required by law, we will delete personal information from our databases, and we will also update, correct, and/or delete personal user information when contacted by Users themselves. Users can contact us at: privacy (at)

Security of information provided to Piddx

All Piddx accounts are password protected, as to allow only authorized access to your account. Please ensure that you are the only person with access to your login information, and keep your password stored in a safe place. Also ensure that you log off from Piddx before allowing anyone else to use your computer, or browser. We strive to protect our User's data with secured machines, and secured files. Unfortunately, data transmission over the Internet cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure. For that reason, Piddx cannot guarantee the security of all of the information that a User may provide to us, and thus Users do so at your own risk. We use all reasonable measures and efforts to ensure the security of all credit card, and other sensitive information, however, we expressly disclaim any liability for unauthorized access to or use of our secure servers, and/or any and all personal and/or financial information stored stored on them, and you agree to hold Piddx harmless for any damages that may result from such a breach. Piddx expressly disclaims any and all liability that may arise should any other individuals, and/or third parties obtain the information that you submit to our website and services.

With whom does Piddx share information?

Submitted information is held solely by Piddx in secured databases and computers. Your most sensitive information, such as financial information and passwords, are encrypted as an additional precaution. Piddx reserves the right to share personal information, at our discretion, if required by law, judicial proceedings, or if we believe that a User is causing injury to, or interfering with the rights of any of our Users, or breaking our Terms of Service or Privacy policy agreements. Piddx reserves the right to transfer, sell, and/or distribute all information collected through our Service, to an affiliate, subsidiary, or third party in the event of sale, merger, reorganization, joint venture, transfer, or other adjustment of our business, or assets, completely, or in part. In such a case we will strive to ensure that the new entity employs similar policies with regard to User privacy and personal information, and as required by applicable law.

How can Users update and edit their information?

User information can be updated, edited, or removed, by logging into our Services and modifying the appropriate fields. In order to log into our services a User will need their login e-mail address and password. If the password has been lost or forgotten, the user can use the password recovery form found here: Certain components of a User's information, such as username cannot be edited by the User. If one must edit this information, please contact our staff at: info at

Policy changes and notification of changes

Our Privacy and Terms of Service policies are reviewed and updated periodically. Our policies may change as we update our services and expand. Please remain abreast of changes to our policies by reading our policies periodically, especially after they are updated. We ensure that a best effort will be made to notify our Users to our updated policies, however, we are under no obligation to provide these notifications and we are not liable should you not receive a notification about our updated policies.

How can I reach Piddx staff?

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about Piddx, our privacy policy, your information, your privacy, and/or our services, please feel free to contact us any time at: privacy at Our staff look forward to hearing from you and will respond to you as soon as they can.

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